I hope this finds you well. In the Midwest we are experiencing fall in every shape and form. Leaves being gathered and bagged, one of the dumbest things I have ever done but necessary. Halloween decorations are starting to become more visible than the political yard signs. Wildlife as we know preparers  for the upcoming winter temperatures. The following is from the Oriacle Deck of artist John Arthur Moseley. WWW.spiritcardsoracledeck.com card number 9 “Spirit Guardian” the three verbs under the picture are Protector * Defender * Responsibility / The following excerpt is from the message that follows in the booklet that accompanies the deck.

By being in this awareness you naturally offer your service with your thoughts, words and actions to others. This cycle of gratitude and service activates a higher vibration in you and with all you come in contact with, and as you mover through your day you are guided to places and situations where your unique help is needed.  There is plenty here for a lively conversation. Come share your experience, strength and hope. In fact bring a friend and a pour a hot cup of tea or whatever your “fall” beverage of choice is. Check in and say hi to this wonderful group of accountability partners.

Peace and blessings – namaste

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