Eric's Journey

Eric Perowsky is a first-generation New Yorker, a partner to Amy, a father, brother, son, third generation holocaust survivor, and a survivor of childhood molestation and divorce. Eric is now in long term recovery on the path of discovery. This year, Eric acknowledges 33 years of continuous recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Eric’s lifestyle choices have led him to examine the way food and nutrition play a role in his life. As a result, he has been gluten and dairy free for many years. Eric has furthered his healthy lifestyle by seeking out the council of one of his R20 cohorts to help him establish a daily T.M. meditation practice. Along with daily meditation, he also practices the Wim Hof breathe method to further support mental and bodily health.

A final tool Eric utilizes to help him and others maintain balance is the B.E.M.E.R (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy Regulation). This European device was first introduced to him in 2016 and he swears by the ‘sleep cycle’. He recommends the BEMER to “anyone with blood or a heartbeat” and finds it to be beneficial, especially to those in recovery.

Eric’s journey to wholistic health has also allowed him to support and help others in recovery. He is a Yoga Informed Recovery Coach through Tommy Rosen’s R20 community and has 200 hour RYT and is a space holder with Nikki Meyers program Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery.



I knew I had to make some changes in my life and I felt that yoga and meditation could be an important part of this change.  But I didn’t know how to do either.
Working one on one and in class with Eric, I’ve gained confidence in my yoga and meditation practice, and have used his gentle and informed guidance for my physical, mental and spiritual benefit.
Theresa S.  

Eric is truly a caring and compassionate healer who’s changed my life in remarkable ways. He’s been my yoga guru and instructor for several years and he genuinely cares about my spiritual and physical well being.

Dan S.

Eric is a helping hand to those in need.  Whether it’s recovery work, yoga or an intense dialog, Eric is built to be of service to others.  Can’t say enough good about knowing Eric and having his guiding hand In my life and that of my family these past years.

Ace W.

Eric Perowsky has a steady, calm presence, is an experienced yogi, recovery coach, and diligently works his own serious program of recovery. I consider Eric a trusted colleague, friend and teacher. I highly recommend Eric to anyone who is seeking long-lasting stability and a thriving life in their recovery as well as to anyone in search of a seasoned yoga teacher.

Elizabeth Kipp,
Recovery Coach, Yoga Teacher, Author of “The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power,” Lawrence, KS