What is a recovery coach?

Every BODY is different. Everyone is allowed their own moment of clarity. Together we can engineer holistic lifestyle changes that are realistic and achievable. Thriving in life should not be so burdensome that you will not want to make the effort.

“Recovery 2.0 Coaching is an integrated, holistic approach to healing and transformation from addiction.” I draw from the 12-Steps and other recovery philosophies, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and my considerable life experiences. “The aim of Recovery 2.0 Coaching is to help clients heal from trauma, to tap into their potential and to realize their capacity for excellence.”

What can I expect in a typical session?
We will begin by tailoring a program specific to your individual needs. Sessions often begin with one of many types of meditation.  If you do not yet have a regular meditation practice, please don’t panic.  There is no wrong way to meditate. We might then integrate the breath with some mindful movement. We might discuss some simple dietary changes that help contribute to full physical health and fewer cravings.  If you are present in my Kansas City office, you are welcome to experience a BEMER session. BEMER is a microcirculation unit that helps the body as it struggles to physically detox.  It takes only 8 minutes to assist the body to reboot. (see video in resources).
I will listen compassionately to your story, normalize your feelings, you will most likely find you are not as unique as you thought. I will provide my experience and faith in your ability to heal and recover.  Most importantly, I bring the lived experience of recovery to assist you in initiating your journey and find your path to maintaining a sober lifestyle.

As your coach, know that I have been right where you are today.