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Eric Perowsky
Yoga Informed Recovery Coach

My name is Eric Perowsky and I am a Yoga-informed Recovery Coach. Just by you reading this page, you have made a positive step in your life. Investigation and curiosity are the touchstones of self-care and self-discovery.

“Let me help you gain a new perspective on the meaning of recovery!”

I can help you if...

IF You have just come out of treatment and you need to establish a routine.

  • The likelihood of relapse, without changing your playground and playmates, is extremely high

  • Let me help you build a strong foundation that can allow you to discover your own path in recovery.

IF You have any amount of recovery and are seeking a more holistic approach.

  • Meditation and yoga

  • Connection with likeminded people who are walking the path of recovery and discovery

IF You have a family member who is in active addiction or battling with trying to stay clean and sober.

  • Let me “help you take care of you”

  • We will create a holistic plan of action to get you on your own path of discovery

  • Our loved ones will often react in a positive manner when they observe us walking a path that contains a foundation of self-care

What is the difference between a Recovery Coach and therapist or sponsor?

  • Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness.

  • Live a self-directed life

  • Strive to reach their fullest potential

  • A therapist focuses on psychological pain and trauma.

  • They are trained to provide diagnosis and referral to other mental health services if necessary

  • Their services are more specific to mental health

  • In some cases, they have no personal experience with addiction or drug abuse nor are they in active recovery themselves

  • They charge a premium fee for their services (Some are covered at least partially by your insurance provider)

  • An AA Sponsor volunteers their services for free.

  • They don’t have any specific training and should only provide support in one recovery modality, the 12 Steps

  • May be a good choice for someone, particularly those interested in using the 12 Steps as a foundation for living

  • The 12 Steps of AA may also be a particularly good choice to use in conjunction with Recovery Coaching

  • Both modalities when fused together can bring about growth

I was highly active in AA and built a sober foundation there for nearly a decade. But I found I was still bumping up against something in myself that kept me limited. Incorporating breath work, yoga and meditation helped to illuminate my true nature. It became a light that illuminated my own personal path. That is the light I can help you find in yourself.

As a Recovery Coach, I now have over three decades of sobriety and have helped hundreds along their unique path. I know that not everyone does “sobriety” the same. Your path should honor and serve you.


Eric is truly a caring and compassionate healer who’s changed my life in remarkable ways. He’s been my yoga guru and instructor for several years and he genuinely cares about my spiritual and physical well being.

Dan S.

Eric is a helping hand to those in need.  Whether it’s recovery work, yoga or an intense dialog, Eric is built to be of service to others.  I Can’t say enough good about knowing Eric and having his guiding hand In my life and that of my family these past years.

Ace W.

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